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Welcome to the Long Marston website

During the 2016/17 Parish Council year, the Council will meet in the village school at 7.45.p.m. on the folloowing dates :-  2016 - July 19th,  13th September,  8th November.   2017 - 10th January,  14th March and 9th May.  Agendas and minutes of the previous meeting will be displayed on the village notice board and this website under "Parish Council".

Minutes of P.C.Meetings held on 17th May 2016 and details of  income/expenditure during 2015/16 under "Parish Council "
Minutes of P.C. meeting held on the 19th July 2016 including details of expenditure under "Parish Council"
Agenda for Parish Council meeting on Tuesday 13th September 2016    Minutes of P.C. meeting held on 13th September under "Parish Council"
Agends for Parish Council meeting on 8th November. Venue Long Marston School 7.45.p.m.

Long Marston Recreation Ground & Village Hall Foundation Child and Vulnerable Adult Safeguarding Policy  under "Village Hall "
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